A model garden on the MH4H campus in Savanette. Haiti

With its utilization of drip irrigation, a technique ideally suited to the terrain in Haiti, the newest program of MH4H has created what is a garden off which all other gardens should, probably, be fashioned. Harvesting Hope, as it is called, is used to teach the necessary vegetable growing techniques to families who aspire to feed themselves as well as sell their wares at their local markets.


The prototype garden can be found on the Savanette campus of MH4H. The model has been so successful at producing food, the organizers have started planting other gardens with various families within the community that surrounds the campus.

The project's agronomist is one Claudin, who also oversees the operation of the gardens within the larger community. A 2011 graduate from the University Chretienne du Nord Haiti, he showed an excitement for the job he does that put paid to the perception of all Haitians being laid back and slow to move. This enthusiasm to show the produce, like the cabbage patch, means that visitors get more than the normal farm visit experience. The normal language barrier one expects to find fades with Claudin's effort to make himself understood and to explain how the farm works.

The project was helped along greatly by the Many Hands for Haiti foundation, which donated much of the resources for not just the Harvesting Hope garden, but for other gardens throughout the community as well. As Claudin puts it, there is so much effort necessary to make a garden work that many aren't enthusiastic about it, but no one can fail being happy when it is time to reap the crop.

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Subject: A model garden on the MH4H campus in Savanette. Haiti edit

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