Accident near Leogane Haiti, at least 22 dead

The "Haitian Joudalist" just learned that a major accident happened in Haiti, near the city of Leogane.


We learned that two transportation vehicles collided on Tueasday. The Haitian Police reported that at least 22 peoples were instantly killed. There were also many critically injured passengers who were transported to the nearest medical facility. The Haitian authority expects the death toll to rise among the injured Haitians.

Do you think it is time to address the ongoing transportation problem in Haiti?

Why do Buses have to carry so many people, without any regulation from the Haitian authority?

Do you think the Haitian authority is ultimately responsible for this problem?

Would you accept an increase in the public transportation rate in Haiti in order to provide more security in the transportation system?

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Subject: Accident near Leogane Haiti, at least 22 dead edit

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