Marriott an engine for Locally Made Goods in Haiti

The opening of the first Marriot Hotel in Haiti is an important milestone in the Haitian history. The journey began four years ago when Denis O'Brien, the founder and chairman of the telecom giant Digicel Group, the largest Caribbean's mobile phone service provider, decided to invest $45 million in building Marriott Port-au-Prince Hotel that presently employs about 200 Haitians, 96% of its total staff strength. The hotel exhibits an incredible collection of Haitian art throughout the property. The hotel buys their requirement as much as possible from the local markets, like items ranging from decor, bath products, foods and beverage. There were a lot of good hotels in Haiti but what it needed to help Haiti rebuild its tourism industry after the devastating 2010 earthquake was a multinational brand. The 175-room property in Port-au-Prince was opened to the guest on February 24th, this year.


One of the main mottos Digicel Company is, if you want to earn profits in a country, reinvest heavily in the community so that they feel good of you. Digicel has built 150 earthquake-proof schools, spreading in every region in the country and have a number of other social development programs including the rebuilt of iconic Iron Market in Port-au-Prince. The Clinton Foundation worked closely with Marriott and Digicel Group to develop the hotel project. Digicel Group and its Chairman, Mr. O'Brien, are committed to attracting foreign direct investment to Haiti. Marriott is collaborating with Haiti's Ministry of Tourism and World Central Kitchen; they will train the country's hospitality work force. The program will be expanded after the completion of a new 'Ecole Hotelier' by the end of this year. Marriott Port-au-Prince collects 100% of its coffee requirement from Haitian companies. Their brand "Rebo Coffee" employs several hundred Haitian women. "Rebo" participates in several agricultural development projects in rural areas and actively contributes to different non-profit social organizations. The Marriott has also partnered with a local coffee provider.

The Marriott Port-au-Prince is not just a hotel; it is a beacon of hope.

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