Aide to Haiti's first lady, fugitive Karl Jean-Jeune, wanted in South Florida

Listed as an absconder/fugitive after an arrest for robbing a bank he worked in as a teller in 2007, Karl Jean-Jeune, aide to Haiti's first lady Sophia Martelly, tweeted his whereabouts to his followers and consequently the Florida Department of Corrections.


In early 2008 Jean-Jeune was sentenced to six year's probation for stealing nearly $30,000 from the Lake Worth Bank, a sum he was also ordered to pay back. While the nature of his sentencing didn't prohibit him from travelling within the U.S. it was from a Caribbean summit held in Port-au-Prince, after a riveting musical performance he witnessed, where Jean-Jeune unwittingly disclosed his abscondment to the public and his location to the U.S. authorities.

It is, however, information they can do little with right away. According to, Jo Ellyn Rackleff, spokeswoman for the Department of Corrections who commented on the matter, says that deportation of the fugitive would be subject to Haiti's willingness to assist and agreement to have him detained and deported.

While the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Department has been made aware of his whereabouts, there are limits to the effort the courts will grant in seeking extradition of a fugitive. It is even possible the decision might be made to not seek an extradition.

Following his informative tweet, when contacted for questioning by the press on the matter, Jean-Jeune declined to comment. The only comment from the camp of the Haitian President Michel Martelly came from a spokesman who simply verified that Mr. Jean-Jeune was employed by the First Lady.

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Subject: Aide to Haiti's first lady, fugitive Karl Jean-Jeune, wanted in South Florida edit

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