Ambassador Thomas Shannon in Haiti to put some order

Ambassador Thomas Shannon, Advisor at the US State department is visiting Haiti today (January 6, 2016) . He is accompanied by special coordinator for Haiti, Kenneth H. Merten


The visit is taking place in an effort to arrive at an end to the election process in Haiti.

Some people are going to get a whipping!!!

Haitian Kreyol:

Anbasadè Thomas Shannon an Ayiti pou mete kèk lòd

Anbasadè Thomas Shannon, konseye nan Depatman Deta Ameriken ap vizite Ayiti jodi a (, 6 janvye 2016). Li akonpaye pa koòdonatè espesyal pou Ayiti an, Kenneth Merten. Vizit sa ap pran plas nan yon efò pou rive nan yon fen ak pwosesis eleksyon an an Ayiti.

Gen kèk moun ki apral jwenn yon fwete !!!

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Subject: Ambassador Thomas Shannon in Haiti to put some order edit

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