UDMO Police Officer shot dead in Anba Gwo Mon in Saint-Marc

Another Police Officer is dead. Lorame Kensky who came from the 8th promotion of Police Institute was shot dead by armed bandits. He was an Agent IV with the UDMO Unit. Officer Lorame Kensky was amboshed and killed in a locality called "Anba Gwo Mon" in Saint-Marc, as he was on his way to the city of Gonaives for training.


Is it normal for all the Police officers who are supposed to protect us are unable to protect themselves

What do you think?

Haitian Kreyol:

UDMO Ofisye Polis te mouri nan yon lokalite ki rele "Anba Gwo Mòn" nan Saint-Marc

Yon lòt Ofisye Polis mouri ankò. Lorame Kensky ki te soti nan wityèm pwomosyon nan Enstiti Lapolis te mouri apre yon bandi ame te tire li. Li te yon Agent IV ak Inite UDMO. Bandi te touye Ofisye Lorame Kensky apre yo te ambosh li nan yon lokalite yo rele "Anba Gwo Mòn" nan Saint-Marc, pandan li te sou wout li pou ale nan vil Gonayiv pou fòmasyon.

Èske li nòmal pou tout ofisye polis sa yo ki sipoze pwoteje nou yo pa minm kapab pwoteje tèt yo

Ki sa ou di

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Subject: UDMO Police Officer shot dead in Anba Gwo Mon in Saint-Marc edit

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