An Answer to those who say Haitians should not risk their lives on Boat to reach the US

Once again, we have learned that some Haitian migrants perished at sea or as their body came ashore on the coast of Florida, the Bahamas or some islands near by. Often you hear: " The U.S. Coast Guard says an overloaded sailboat carrying migrants from Haiti has overturned and at least 10, 20 30, 40, 50,.... people have reportedly died.


Why do Haitians continue to risk their lives?

Has the information been published in Haiti, in the regions where those trips are being organized?

Do Haitian really know the risk?

They most pay those smugglers some good money. Why can't they use that same money to start a business in their own country instead?

As a member of the Haitian community currently living in Florida, I am often faced with these questions whenever a major incident takes place. Whenever another Haitian migrant boat capsizes and another group of Haitians dies at sea trying to come to the US or the Bahamas, my Americans friends will ask me again these same questions. many would out of concern for human life and human suffering; others, just trying to let me know that they want these people to stay away from their country.

In Summary:


Whether it is some of those friends of mine who often question the decision of so many Haitians who often take that kind of risk just to get to the United states or those political, religious leaders with their Radio spot, attempting to discourage Haitians back home not to be involved in those clandestine trips to the US or the Bahamas, "You just don't understand"

I don't know if I can actually help you to understand either. The reason is that, for most people, there are certain things in life, if you never experience them, you will not be able to understand. If you never experience hunger, deprivation, inability to respond to your obligation. Have you ever been in the shoes of a father with 4, 5, 6,... children and a wife to feed and not being able to do so? How would you feel if your two year has been crying all day because he/she did not have anything to eat all day and likely will be going to bed the same way? Wouldn't you want to do something if your child is sick and dying and you are unable to do anything about it, not because the child can't be saved but because you can' afford to buy a $5.00 or $10.0- medication

Americans risk their lives every day to protect their freedom and their interests. American government put their sons and daughters in arms way in Irak, Afghanistan, and many other places. They do it together as a nation.

In Haiti, it is not the same. Each man for himself. You try to get as much as you can and for as long as you can. This is why we are ranked among countries in the world in corruption and poverty.

To all those who died

"May your soul rest in peace"

"Que votre ame repose en paix"

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Yole says...

C'est un problème très grave...

Je suis entièrement d'accord avec toi cher ami...Mais que faire?

Tu ne pouvais pas si bien dire....

Il n'y a plus rien à ajouter...sinon R.I.P. ( à tous ceux-là qui ont péri en cherchant une vie meilleure...c'est ce qu'ils pensent

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Subject: An Answer to those who say Haitians should not risk their lives on Boat to reach the US edit

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