Jean-Bertrand Aristide will be in Haiti on Thursday, March 17

Contrary to what the US government would hope for, former Haitian president Jean-Bertrand Aristide is planning to return to Haiti on Thursday, March 17, three days before the March 20 election. Aristide ignores the recommendation of the US government who suggested that he waited until after Haiti election to return.


It seems that the US Government does not have that much leverage over the South African government. The United States wanted the South African government to hold Aristide there until after the election. However, according to South African Deputy Foreign Minister Marius Fransman: "It is not our responsibility to say if Jean-Bertrand Aristide should or should not leave South Africa".

This is what I call a country with: "SEED", "MELON", "GRANN"

So, as it stands now, Aristide will be in Haiti this Thursday:
Passport: Checked
Visa: Checked
Bags: Checked
Departure time: Checked
Speech once in Haiti: Checked
Gifts to friends in Haiti: Checked
Where to stay in Haiti: Checked
How I will earn a living in Haiti: Checked
Plan for wife: Checked
plan for children: Checked
How to deal with my former enemies: Checked

Woue Pa Woue, Lanterman Pou Katrer!

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Sesalye says...

I must truly believe that Mirlande has a chance to be Preisident if she meets with Aristide is in Haiti today.

At the same time i must truly believe that she has no chance if Aristide is not in Haiti

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Metgage says...

General Raoul Cedras et Colonel Michel Francois

Mon cher General Cedras,
Le passer c'est le passer, la terre haitienne vous attend avec les bras ouverts.

Il est temps de rentrer chez toi. Venez nous aider a rebattir notre Haiti, avec fierte et dignite.

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Nu Chimer says...

Yo gin vazlin yo pare min yo komense ap remonte kalson ak kilot yo. Kontinye netoiye fouk nou lap vini. Tout moush kon sa yo rinmin.

Lesli maniga te di yo se vomisman chien.

Al nan aeropo'a epi ret ten lap vini ak zeponl tou bande.

Ou pare pouw

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Voyemonte says...

Go tell everyone the good news - Titid will be on stage at Champ de Mars to to sing a special song written by Wyclef call Ensanm Ensanm.

Do not miss the opportunity to see this breathtaking and once a life time performance by Titid.

There is also talk that T-Vice may ask him to sing one of those church songs in kompa style.

But the biggest rumor of them all is that Jeanclaude may join Jeanbertrand, on the stage, today at Champs de Mars, to jointly give their support to Michel.

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Mamoune says...

I hope all haitien people come to getter to vote for changes this election is the last chang for a better haiti, i hope they can see it the way I see it myself I am Haitienne I love my country, I would love one day to go back to my country too, but with all unsecurity, the violence on this place nobody would go to a place when you know that your life is indanger, I hope Haitien people hoppen the eyes to see clear who realy love this country or not if a lider realy love this country get together for an election onette and a better life for haitian

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Robert N. says...

Former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide will be back to his Country Haiti.

If we see that happened because ALMIGHTY JESUS-CHRIST want;HE is GOD HE does what HE want.GOD would like to help Haitian people;I hope this time everybody love each other and work together for the welfare of their Haitian brothers and sisters.

I am asking all little politicians to do not hate a man for his knowledge for the love he has.We see Haitian people love him, if we try to understand the people and doing what they command us to do;they will love us too. President Titid you are welcome back to your Haiti.May GOD bless you in the name of JESUS-CHRIST.Accept JESUS-CHRIST for your SAVIOR fully because HE is one the who protected you for more than ten times.GOD bless you

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Jean Jacques Dessalines says...

Haiti deserve to have nationaliste rpogressiste to help out. Not only opportunistes from the reactionnary fores to be always in charge in Haiti.

Aristide is hope...

Aristide is dignity...Aistide is progres...hospitals, schools, jobs creation...dynamism...we need his leadership in Haiti.

Life to Ariatide, Life TO

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Viola Myrtil says...

Port-au-Prince, le 17 novembre 2000
Senateur Irvelt Chery

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Ginou says...

This man is so selfish, why can't he wait to after the election.

I think he is trying to mess up the election by putting all the attention on him and therefore no one will go out and

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Se Verite says...

You must be refering to all Haitian leaders not only

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