Cap-Haitien Art

This is a form of art which dominates Cap-Haitien in the northern seacoast of Haiti. The pioneer of the type of art is Philome Obin a Haitian art legend.


Cap-Haitien form of art is characterized by linear elements and the artistic use of paints and brushtokes.

The unique art is based on the subject of the Haitian way of life, the people, the Haitian culture and the country's heritage.

The artworks of Haiti are globally recognized. The revolution began in 1944 after the established of Centre D' art Haitian in Port au Prince by the legend Dewitt peters an American teacher. The industry has since developed beyond imagination to become the best in primitive art in the world.

Due to involvement in Centre D' art by some Cap-Haitien artists the town gave birth to first generation artists. Their participation has been the reason behind the success of Haiti art industry.

Many schools dealing with painting and art have since been established. Some of the common art schools in Haiti include; Cap Haitien, Jacmel and Saint Soleil. The kind of art trained varies from school to school. Some will go for traditional art while others prefer being creative. Some of the common styles as defined by Haitian artists include; realists, fantasists, impressionists etc

It is this schools which have nurtured the art talent to put Haiti top in the art world.

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Nanette Hance says...

Looking for information about Melle Anna Rose Bottex.

Recently acquired a painting in a Rochester, NY sale from a couple who traveled often to Haiti.

Thank you in advance for providing any information on Melle that might be

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Myriam Nader Salomon says...

Haitian master, Philome Obin is the leading name in the Cap-Haitian style.

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