The haitian art is well known around the world for its vivid colors and the descricpion of the landscape. We are very familiar to the Centre d'Art Haitien in Port-au-Prinec and the discovering of so many great Haitian Masters such as the Cap-haitian school, Poto mitan, etc

Edouard Duval-Carrie at Perez Art Museum Miami

Edouard Duval-Carrie, a Haitian-American and internationally renowned painter, began life in Port-au-Prince when Francois Duvalier was the brutal dictator of Haiti. During his boyhood, he started art classes at Centre d'Art in Port-au-Prince. His family left Haiti to escape Duvalier's oppressive rule.

Eventually he ended up in Montreal where he hit the books at University of Loyola. He rose in the art world and was extended an invitation by Paris's École Nationale Supérieure des Beaus-Arts to study there. He experienced some modest success during his stay of 11 years, but remained on the fringes of the art scene.

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Craft Village in Choiseul, Milot

North Ministry of Tourism in Haiti has been busy with construction projects to attract more tourism to the region. Several projects are ongoing, and more are planned to begin soon. Royal Caribbean Cruise Line's (RCCL) Vice President, Frank Byrne, led a two-day tour to view progress being made on projects in Cap-Haitien, Milot, and the Bay of Acul du Nord.

The initial stop was Cap-Haitien, where a craft market is being built for the tourist trade. Next was Milot where several projects to improve tourism infrastructure are nearing completion. A craft market is being built, as well as public toilets, a health clinic, restaurant, and information kiosks. The group also surveyed Sans-Souci Palace and Citadelle la Ferriere sites. Following, Byrne met with the press to share news a push is happening to lure eco-tourists to the North region for biking events. Dieudonne Etienne, North Regional Director of the Ministry of Tourism, announced a police sub-station to be built in Milot for the comfort and safety of tourists.

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Haitian Art Transforms Petion-Ville Luxury Hotel, Best Western

The new Best Western Premier hotel in Petion-Ville is the first upscale hotel to present the artistic talents of native Haitian artists. It took interior designer, Stacy Elliston, to envision a modern interpretation of Haitian folk art and fashion designer, Pascale Théard, to realize the vision.

Inside the hotel are displayed 622 pieces of art, created by 100 artists and artisans on the island, from places like Marmalade, Jacmel, Léogâne, and Croix-des-Bouquets. Some materials used are recycled drums, or natural materials such as hand-carved river stones. In each guest room hang paintings of rural scenes, made of cut-out banana leaves. Other recycled materials are cast-off aluminum made into statues, and clothing scraps turned into pillows. One of the most prominent pieces of artwork appears in the hotel entryway, a hand-embroidered tapestry based on a Voodoo flag. This inspired artwork was produced by Bel-Air artists living in poverty.

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African Diaspora Haitian Artists to Show at Art Basel Exhibition

The Republic of Haiti General Consul in Miami, François Guillaume II, made a public announcement numerous Haitian artists will show their work at the Annual Art Basel Miami Exhibition. Art Basel is an anticipated event, attracting many thousands of art lovers from all over the world. It is hailed as a major cultural sampling of 100-plus art galleries, representing the Caribbean, North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Art Basel is 40 years old, but until now has not been displaying artworks from the African Diaspora. That is changing this year with the Caribbean Fantastic exhibition happening at the Multitudes Contemporary Art Gallery. Babacar Mbow, MCAG'S owner and curator, is especially qualified to gather and showcase African Diaspora art. This year Caribbean Fantastic will highlight artwork from Haiti, home to the African Diaspora and the first black-led republic in the world.

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Ekrivin Dany Laferriere antre nan Akademi France, se gro zafe oiu

Mezanmi, me yon examp po montre kapacite Ayisien. Ekrivin Dany Laferrière konyer-a fè pati de gro tet yo nan institisyon sa yo rele "French Academy". nan Lang France, yo rele li:"Académie française"

Min Se Kisa li ye minm?

Sa se yon group zotobre a babinn

Anbin, se yon group moun ki responsab pou yo veye sou devlopman Lang sa yo rele France-a. Akademi sa ginyin yon gro istwa deyè li. Li te kreye pa Cardinal Richelieu nan lanne 1635 (se pa de lanne). Akademi sa kompze de 40 mamb ki sipose rete pou jis kaske yo mouri.

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National Handicrafts Office (ONART), Haiti

Since its inception in the late 1970's the National Handicrafts Office (ONART) has been under the supervision of many different bodies, predominantly the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor, but also the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, the ONAAC and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

Regardless of who had the mandate of overseeing ONART, the aim has always been to provide a resource for professional artisans where they get advice on finance, preparation and the technical aspects of their craft. On top of that, ONART acts as the glue between individuals, corporations and associates, bringing operators together with producers. Today, ONART steps into the present trend towards innovative and modern ideas and has started to use the NTIC format (New Technologies of Information and Communication, for the gathering and publishing of news to their client base across Haiti.

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Philippe Dodard, The Idea of Modernity in Haitian Contemporary Art

From September 14, 2013 through to December 7, 2013, the work of the world renowned Haitian artist, Philippe Dodard, will be on display at the Community Folk Art Center. The exhibit, curated by fellow artist and student, Babacar Mbow, will mark the start of the fall exhibition season for the Art Center.

The 59 year old Dodard, who hails from Port-au-Prince, has had his works exhibited throughout the Americas as well as Europe, showing a progression from his earlier forms, to his growth into the world of iron work, jewelry design and sculptures. His art has always taken on the views and emotions he felt living through some of Haiti's most turbulent political times. As such, the world watched as his opinion of the 1986 rebellion against the Haitian government became apparent in his brushstrokes, and marveled at the heights of eloquence he achieved with his structures of metal and totems of wood.

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Romel Jean Pierre turned First World dump into offbeat sculpture

It is, perhaps, an artists' mandate to create emotive, moving pieces from the most unlikely materials. Some make it their point of duty to turn every-day, nondescript objects into riveting pieces. Romel Jean Pierre is one Haitian artist that would take this a step further.

Educated in art by the colorful streets of his home-town Port-au-Prince, Haitian artist Romel Jean Pierre is only 19 years old, but uses his gift to turn things as mundane as old car parts and broken down furniture into sculptures fashioned into abstract pieces of art which speak to the materialistic nature of society today.

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Haitian art Collection

299 pieces of Haitian art, done by renowned artists, are on display on the pages of the Electronic Gallery. Efficiently displayed, pieces by your favorite artist, using the Artist Locator, or a specific theme, like Vodou flags, can be easily located and reasonably obtained.

With its roots from Africa and France, Haitian art is grounded in tribal and religious influences like Catholicism, and, of course, Vodou. Different schools of artistry quickly developed, distinguished by the symbolism and subjects. Daily city life is indicative of the school Cap-Haïtien, while the human body in abstract comes from the Vodou-influenced Saint-Soleil School and mountain scene and coastal town depictions are associated with the Jacmel School. Another style of art that has gained popularity is from the Artibonite region. It had its start with Saincilus Ismaël, whose influence was Byzantine art. His use of geometric shapes to create vividly intricate paintings would catch on to other artists.

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Indigo Arts Gallery in Pennsylvania

Indigo arts gallery is the home of international folk and modern art. Indigo prides in exhibition of varied color, texture, and the unlimited creativity of the human spirit. Their pieces originate from works of art collected from all over Africa, Asia and the Americas.

Indigo features unique Haitian paintings, Prints and paintings with a Mexican origin, Sculpture and vodou flags. Other dominant characteristics include; Nicaraguan "primitivista" paintings, folk paintings with an Indian touch, Cuban self-taught artists, African signboards and Oceanic sculpture.

Indigo gallery is also in the business of publishing Indigo Art Cards that have the popular modern art features from across the world.

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