The haitian art is well known around the world for its vivid colors and the descricpion of the landscape. We are very familiar to the Centre d'Art Haitien in Port-au-Prinec and the discovering of so many great Haitian Masters such as the Cap-haitian school, Poto mitan, etc

Indigo Arts Gallery in Pennsylvania

Indigo arts gallery is the home of international folk and modern art. Indigo prides in exhibition of varied color, texture, and the unlimited creativity of the human spirit. Their pieces originate from works of art collected from all over Africa, Asia and the Americas.

Indigo features unique Haitian paintings, Prints and paintings with a Mexican origin, Sculpture and vodou flags. Other dominant characteristics include; Nicaraguan "primitivista" paintings, folk paintings with an Indian touch, Cuban self-taught artists, African signboards and Oceanic sculpture.

Indigo gallery is also in the business of publishing Indigo Art Cards that have the popular modern art features from across the world.

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Galerie Marassa in Petion-Ville

Galerie Marassa, established in 1977, is a leading galleria of the Caribbean. It is located in Petion-Ville, Haiti and has acquired global recognition since its birth. Galerie Marassa has created a home for nurturing new Haitian art talents.

In its history the galleria has organized hundreds of national and international exhibitions as well as art fairs and biennales.

Michele Gardere Frisch is the name behind Galeria Marassa.

Michelle opened the facility after completing her artistic studies at The New England School of Art and the school of decorated arts in Madrid. From the two institutions, Michelle had acquired a degree in Art and Design of the environment.

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Galerie Monnin in Petion-Ville

Mr. and Mrs Roger Monnin are the people behind Galeria Monin. The history goes back to 1947 when the couple found settlement in Haiti. Both were previously based in Jura, Switzerland.

Galerie Monin was dedicated in 1956 at 382 Boulevard Jean Jacques Dessalines in Port-au-Prince.

The Gallery got a significant boost in 1968 when the founders Mr. and Mrs Roger Monnin were joined by their two children; Michel and Lena.

In his efforts and his desire to branch out from the sacred or vodou art Michel worked with the new generation artists to produce painters of the Galeria Monnin School.

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Galerie d'Art Nader in Petion-Ville

After excelling in the art business Georges S. Nader decided to open an art gallery in 1966. Nader was selling art in a famous department store in the Haitian capital Port-au-prince.

When he began to appreciate the value of art there were very few galleries then. Nader's aim was to expose the wealth in Haitian art. With the assistance of media the public soon became aware of the value of Haitian art. The art developed and earned worldwide fame through press exposition, publications and planned exhibitions. Nader gained a large clientele within and without Haiti.

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Medalia Art in New York

Medalia art gallery specialize with original pieces of art sourced directly from the arists. Varied pieces of art are available on the website for you to make a choice. Needless to say the customer service is leading with options of reaching Medalia art through telephone, writing or email.

Located at 6 Fox Rd, East Setauket, New York media art is keen to give you original works of art from excelling artists.

Medalia art has been doing e-commerce since 1996 and its online clients have been enjoying a 7 day money back guarantee. The operators further claim that the guarantee comes with no questions from clients. We have been selling Caribbean art on-line since 1996.

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Dewitt Peters and the Centre D'Art Haitien

It was during the World War II when DeWitt Clinton Peters arrived in Haiti as a high school English teacher. He chose teaching to substitute service in the military. Peters had a natural passion for art and especially painting but was surprised to find that there were no art galleries in Haiti. Peters picked a dream to preach art in Haiti. He committed himself to convince Haitians that art was a noble profession. He told the people of Haiti that they could make a better living through embracing art.

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Saint Soleil Art

Saint Soleil is an art school linked to Prospere Pierre-Louis. Prospere has his roots in Bainet a town in the south of Haiti. After his birth in 1947 he grew to love drums and the violin. His father houngan also engaged him in voudou ritual ceremonies.

Despite his lack of school education, the boy practiced shaving and worked as barber at the age of 16. His painting destiny was shaped when he hooked up with Maud Robard.

In 1973 and while Prospere was working for Maud as a waiter, Maud organized a team of artists of different genres into a movement. Maud was working in collaboration with a Haitian legend artist Tiga. The movement was called Saint Soleil. Prospere joined the team under the influence of Maude.

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Voodoo Flag, a unique Haitian art

Voodoo flags are a significant form of art that define the Haitian art industry. Haitian flags depict a combination of several African beliefs and cultures. Voodoo flags have the history of the enslavement of Africans in Haiti. The art also brings on board the influence of Catholicism and Jamaican and Cuban cultures.

The Caribbean country had colonizers French and Spain take over in 1600s. The two colonies improved economic activities in the region. Demand for slave workers increased and more slaves were brought in from Africa.

The slave numbers increased until they outnumbered the colonizers. The slaves staged the only organized and successful slave revolt which led to independence.

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Primitive art of Haiti with an international reputation

Haitian art has grown to attain world recognition. This is an extra-ordinary fame for the so called the poorest of all the western countries.

Haitian art is termed as the best form of primitive art in the world. The industry gained ground in 1940 when an American teacher began to appreciate the uniqueness of Haitian art. Dewitt Peters was impressed by the talents that he discovered in many uneducated Haitians.

The people of Haiti create unique artistic materials which are based on raw colors. Dewitt established the Centre D'Art Haitian in 1943 an artistic centre to support and expose Haitian dedicated artists.

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Papier Mache Art in Jacmel

Haiti remains the outstanding nation in terms of primitive art. The art industry in Haiti brings on board widely varied styles of painting.

One of the popular styles of art is Papier-mache. In making this, a wet surface is laid on a form. The surface is allowed to dry once the image is created. Distinctive colors are applied on the created image to add life and details. Haiti locals, artists and tourists have embraced this style of art.

Papier-mache has been used to create images for animals, vases, masks, political personalities etc.

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