Attempt to decrease infant mortality rate in Haiti with diapers

According to reports of some UNICEF social workers, inadequate diapering is a huge contributor to diarrhea and worm infestations in Haitian babies. An entrepreneur is coming up with an idea to decrease Infant Mortality Rate in Haiti.


Jake's Diapers, Inc. is a 501(c) 3, non-profit ministry whose mission is to provide cloth diapers to babies, children, and adults in extreme poverty, especially in countries like Haiti. About six years ago, Stephanie Bowers, the Executive Director of Jake's Diapers once visited an orphanage in Pachacutec, Peru. There she saw that the caregivers, although their love for the babies was beyond doubt, were forced to reuse disposable diapers. They were doing their best with their only available option and that was a forced pick between diaper and food. This unthinkable choice happens every day for many rural Haitian families.

Bowers calculated that disposable diapers cost an average of $2,000 a child compared to just $500 for cloth diapers and just 12 cloth diapers can diaper a baby from infancy through potty-training. Bowers set a goal to raise $50,000 to provide cloth diaper kits to 500 Haitian moms and babies. Johnson & Johnson, the American multinational pharmaceutical and consumer packaged goods manufacturer, on being impressed with the positive contribution of Jakes' Diaper, decided to team up them and match all donations up to $250 per person on the online fundraising site Caring Crowd.

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Subject: Attempt to decrease infant mortality rate in Haiti with diapers edit

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