Wheat fortification recommended for women and children in Haiti

Haiti could prevent the death of approximately 140 women and infants yearly. A recent study conducted by The UC Davis Team found that deaths often caused by neural-tube defects and anemia among women and children could be prevented by just adding some iron and folic acid to the wheat flour during the milling process.


The researchers estimated that it would cost around $5 million to invest in the Wheat fortification project over a period of 12 years. However, the benefits would be o0ver $120 million in benefits over the same period.

To get even better results, the UC Davis team recommended that the Haitian authorities make calcium and micronutrients available to pregnant women, micronutrient powder to children age 6 months to 2 years, with small supplement packets known as ready-to-use therapeutic foods.

The researchers want to use fortification to address some of the ongoing dietary deficiencies in Haiti such as diets that are low in micronutrients, critical for physical growth and intellectual development.

What do you think?

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Sandy Pierre says...

I totally disagree with providing "fortified wheat and micro-nutrients" to the children of Haiti, and any other poor nations.

As we are all aware, wheat has been genetically modified (GMO), which can cause havoc to the body. Giving our children these substances could be genocide to our nation.

We have to be careful, and be diligent.

We have to know what our Haitian children are being prescribed under the name "humanitarian assistance".

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Subject: Wheat fortification recommended for women and children in Haiti edit

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