Business Etiquette In Haiti: The Importance Of Eye Contact

Communicating with different kinds of people, especially in the business world, requires excellent interpersonal skills. Many Haitian professionals make use of eye contact to convey their sincerity and interest in doing business with other parties. Though lower-class Haitians tend to avoid direct eye contact with people they see as superior to them, professionals value this form of communication.


Haiti Business Etiquette

Through eye contact, one can earn the respect of the other party. It also helps a businessman become more persuasive and convincing. A businessman who makes eye contact with his client suggests that he is serious, interested and focused on their discussion. This is important when doing business.

Moreover, eye contact can make the conversation friendlier as it helps build rapport between the involved parties. Avoiding eye contact can suggest lack of attention and insincerity. It can also indicate that you do not understand the discussion and you are not interested in it. Given this, it is advisable to use direct eye contact when talking or dealing with business people. It can boost your image, as well as lead to a good discussion.

Through eye contact, you can also learn the other person's intention. You can see whether you are dealing with an interested and sincere client or not. This is why eye contact is very essential if you want to develop excellent communication skills, which you must have to be a successful businessman. Keep in mind that business is not just about selling and earning profits. It is also about building good relationships with people and you can only do this if you are equipped with excellent communications skills.

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