Peintures Caraibes SA to join Caracol Industrial Park in North of Haiti

Haiti President Michel Martelly toured the Caracol Industrial Park grounds to see how construction is progressing, at what will be a central manufacturing site in the Caribbean. Located in North Haiti, the U.S.-financed park has been home to South Korean clothing manufacturer Sae-A Trading Co. Ltd., its first tenant. A second tenant, Peintures Caraibes SA has just been approved to occupy a site.


Peintures, a Haitian paint manufacturer, has cut a deal with paint-giant Sherwin-Williams to export its proprietary product, as well as Peintures own manufacturing brand. Penintures CEO, Pierre Yves Gardere, will hire 167 start-up employees, with the goal of reaching 350 employees in total.

The U.S. has invested heavily in Caracol Park, a staggering $224 million, which promises to be a hub of manufacturing in the Caribbean region. The park sits on a 617-acre land parcel and will provide 20,000 jobs and add another 133,000 with cottage industry spin-offs.

Production of Caracol's two tenants is expected to start in the fall, with Sae-A sending its first shipment of t-shirts in September, and Peninture beginning its paint production in October. Sae-A's plant is only one of 20 scattered in South America and Southeast Asia. Its business contracts with Wal-Mart and Target will draw more investment opportunities to North Haiti.

But there exists a downside to all this investment activity in North Haiti. Workers employed at Caracol Park will earn only five dollars a day. It's one thing to create jobs, but another to give the jobholder a living wage.

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