President Martelly has Contractor Dejoux Arrested for Shoddy Workmanship

In a bold act of overreaching the boundaries of his office, President Martelly had contractor, Dejoux, arrested for his shabby construction of a stage Martelly was to appear on to celebrate completion of government projects in the Ouanaminthe area. Not only was Dejoux taken into custody by Police Commissioner, Bio Moncher, but provisional town mayor, Amos Joseph, was worked over by a secret service agent in another incident that day. Government observers say the two incidents were willful, unreasonable, and place the government of Haiti outside the law. They note Martelly has no knowledge of the construction trade or code enforcement.


Dejoux was briefly held at Ouanaminthe police precinct where he was charged, but no disclosure of those charges has been released. Ouanaminthe Magistrate, Saintilma, has been tasked with leading an investigation into the condition of the stage, and is looking for evidence of low-level maintenance.

As regards Joseph's beating, the mayor when asked for official identification of his office upon entering the sports arena says he had none, which started the physical altercation. It seems the Interior Ministry had not done its job and provided Joseph with his identity documents.

The two incidents occurring at the same event disclose the heavy-handed manner in which the government and its agents carries out its--in some cases--presumed duties. The incidences are part of a larger pattern of a sly dictatorship Martelly runs, while publicly mouthing platitudes his government follows democratic principles.

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Subject: President Martelly has Contractor Dejoux Arrested for Shoddy Workmanship edit

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