RE: Can Sweet Mickey Really Be The Next President Of Haiti?

Operation Mete Haiti Sous - November 6 2010, 2:00 PM

No I dodubt it. One of the reasons Haiti is in that mess. is because of the 28 years of the Duvalier regime., and 16 years of the Aristide regime.

What do you expect?

garbage in garbage out.At present there is a huge Leadership vacuum in Haiti.

The people are so desperate that they will accept any unexperienced leader.

Sweet Mickey is taking adavantage of the situation because his career as a musician is over, and has no social security coming from the U.S Govt..

Mr Martelly AKA Sweet Mickey, is too arrogant, and clearly a novice when it comes to managing Haiti's Govt affairs.

In addition he does not has a plan, nor a vision for Haiti.

Therefore he ceratinly cannot represent Haiti on the International Level.

Nor do I think he can represent me and my values as an Haitian.

I hope the people of Haiti don't vote for him?

Sweet Mickey President of Haiti.

is a joke. shamed on us.

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