University Hospital of Haiti reborn

A total of $25 million is allocated to be invested in Haiti Health Care. With a plan to rebuild University Hospital of Haiti, the governments of Haiti, France and the U.S. agreed to form a partnership in order to improve the overall health in Haiti.


Haiti medical problems

Is this the beginning of a beautiful relationship to provide needed health care to the Haitian population?

I believe that this relationship was formed as a result of a need to improve the health care system in Haiti. For too long, the country has been left by itself to solve its own health problem. It's like telling a sick person who is unable to get off the bed to go find the medicin in the medicine cabinet. As the President Rene Preval would say: "Nage pou nou soti".

As a result, the evidence is clear. Haiti is among the top countries in the world that provides the least amount of health care to its citizens. According to the CIA World Fact book, in 2005, life expectancy in Haiti was 55.83 percent for male and 59.35 percent for female. five percent of the Haitian population was either tested HIV positive or had AIDS. Maternity mortality was 520 for each 1000,000 babies born. There were 0.8 hospital beds in the entire country for each 1,000 Haitians.

This earthquake of 2010, devastating it might be, presents a new opportunity to do it right once again in the area of providing adequate health care for the people of Haiti.

Can we continue to neglect our citizens?

As we are in the period of election in Haiti to elect a new president, let's focus for the first time on the things that are important for the country. I think that a better health care system in Haiti is as important as the air we ar breathing.

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Polo says...

Do you think the building of a Hospital in Haiti will change things much?

I do not think so. I have avery good reason for that. Most of the major constructions in Haiti were done by foreign countries, and once they leave Haitians to run them, everything becomes a problem.

Our roads are the same way. Once they are built, there are no maintenance plan to bring longevity to them.

I am sorry to say the same thing will likely happen to the University

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Dieudonne Joseph says...

I am from Cap and I remember when Hospital Justinien was in a better shape than today.

I think there is one way we can help the people of Cap-haitian get better Healthcare.

The sons and daughter of Cap-Haitian who are currently living outside ofthe country and are making good money chould form a committe and start getting involved in project in their home town.

If anyone is interested, please contact me. I would be glad to see more people

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