Carnival Freedom cruise ship rescued raft with 29 refugees from Haiti

On the night of July 6th, Carnival Freedom rescued a sinking raft off the coast of Florida. The raft had 29 refugees from Haiti. The Carnival Freedom cruise was en route back to the home port in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. They were alerted by United States Coast Guard that there was a vessel sinking and there are 29 people on board. The Carnival Freedom has always assisted mariners, and they turned towards the sinking vessel. The United States Coast cutter arrived on the scene and released the Carnival Freedom so that they could proceed to Fort Lauderdale.


The sinking vessel appeared full of refugees, the passengers on board the Carnival Freedom having posted some photos of the sinking vessel, as well as videos. A Texas representative of state was among those onboard the Carnival Freedom, and witnessed the sinking vessel with refugees on board.

According to the KLTV, the people on board the sinking vessel had no food or water, so the Carnival Freedom cruise gave them food and water. They said that the refugees had pails since they turned up fast to get water. When the United States Coast Guard arrived, they set Carnival Freedom free to continue with their sailing towards Fort Lauderdale. The ship arrived in the morning of 7th July as it was scheduled. It was expected to depart on an eight-day cruise in the afternoon that day.

The Carnival Freedom will reposition to Galveston Texas in February. This is to mark the year round of seven-day cruises from the port. The cruise has been operating in five to eight-day cruises from Fort Lauderdale.

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