Case against Sonson La Familia and Renel Lerécif reopened

The idea that you can't be judged twice for the same crime doesn't apply to Sonson La Familia and Renel Lerécif. These two will be once again prosecuted by the Prosecutor of Port-au-Prince. The case has been revived by the new Government Commissioner, Jean Danton Léger.


As you may remember, the decision was taken under the government of Michel Martelly to free Woodly Ethéard alias Sonson La Familia and Renel Nelfort Renel the Reef, two members of the powerful gang "gang galil"

According to reports by the National Network of human rights (RNDDH), the gang has been involved in more than twenty cases of kidnapping.

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Subject: Case against Sonson La Familia and Renel Lerecif reopened edit

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