Christianity or Voodoo, which is more suitable for Haiti

Before I start talking about this topic, I want to make it clear that I am not taking any side. So, please do not think that I deserve "Pe Lebrun" for this.


So what is the issue?

Recently I finid myself in the middle of an argument between two Haitians with different views about religion. You probably said that this is nothing new. Actually, this one was new to me because the argument was whether Voodoo or Christianity was better for Haiti.

Here is the argument I heard in support to Christianity:

Voodoo is a destructive force. It is the main reason why Haiti is the way it is. Haiti needs prayers to get out of its problem. Voodoo is black magic and devil worshiping. People who practice voodoo are witch doctors. Jesus gave his life for us: "God demonstrates his own love for us as Christ died for us.

Here is the argument I heard in support to Voodoo Practice in Haiti:

Contrary to what many may believe, Voodoo is a peaceful, family and community oriented religion. The religion is non-judgmental and self-empowering. They argued that Voodoo is more useful to Haiti than its counterpart Christian religions. Christian evangelists have been transforming Haitians into non productive citizens, focusing less and less on working in agriculture and instead caring more on how they dress for the Sunday mass and engaging in destructive behaviors such as gossiping on who wear what or who is sleeping with whom in church

Who is right?

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Haitian says...

someone can put a curse on you by going to a voodoo priest...

it's a complete illusion of what can happen.

you don't know anyone who's affected, but you're ready to tell me that someone told you that "yo ka fe wanga pou fe moun mal" it's a mind control tactic, nobody can hurt you or me remotely, by spirit or whatever.

now if you're talking about radioactivity, guided waves...

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Haitian Outside says...

stupid question.

2 religions ka coexiste san problem, yo pa mutually

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Neth says...

Well, this debate is not new. First, I wanted to say the catholic Church doesn't represent the Protestant Christians in Haiti.

Second, If Christians attest that the Vodoo is destructive, it's not an illusion, nor a false testimony, it's the facts, the social reality and the Vodoo practices.

For Example, it's a fact in Haiti, where if someone doesn't like you and he go to a practician of Vodoo and kill you, "kout Zonbi, kout poud, etc.) and it's a fact in Haiti where until now in this 21 century there are places, you can't build a nice house you won't sleep in it, your kids can't do their high school, etc. There are things that are going on in our society that are resulted of Vodoo practices, we can't keep our eyes closed on them, unless we admit there are bad, and change them we will remain where we are as a nation.

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Vanel says...

My only question about this subject is:does bois cayiman ceremony play a role in Haiti

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Subject: Christianity or Voodoo, which is more suitable for Haiti edit

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