Haitian-Canadian Adonis Stevenson stopped Tavoris Cloud

It was long and it was bloody, but, for Adonis Stevenson, the new big storm on the boxing front, defeat was not an option in his fight against his once undefeated contender, Tavoris Cloud.


Months ago, both talented men matched up fairly equally, with zero defeats under Cloud's belt and many consecutive victories racked up by Stevenson. Plus, they both had enough youth, vim and vigor to make the boxing world their oyster.

And then they faced each other. 31 year old Cloud, a former world champion hailing from America, took on Adonis 'Superman' Stevenson, who, in his last bid to defend his world title, had knocked out his then opponent, Chad Dawson, also from the States, in just over a minute. Cloud, however, with his impressive record and years of experience, didn't prove such an easy fight.

The American gave the Haitian-born Canadian boxer his longest bout in six years, not succumbing to the younger man's jabs until into the seventh round. Before the fight was through, Stevenson had bloodied Cloud's left eye and issued a hard-hitting left-handed blow to the head followed by a right hook plus a body blow that called forth more blood, now from above both eyes, and cries by Cloud's team to have the match finished.

Fresh from his new victory, Stevenson has next to fight Tony Bellew from Liverpool. The challenge will be for the WBC light-heavyweight title and Superman fans wait with baited breath to see how well he will defend his title this time.

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