Belle-Anse, A Fishing Town in Haiti

Belle-Anse is a poor community in the Belle-Anse Arrondissement in Haiti. It is the arrondissement's headquarters that has faced a lot of challenges in the past years. Without help from international humanitarian organizations, this municipality of more than 51,000 people will have a hard time recovering.


The main livelihood of residents in this town is fishing. This is why it was greatly devastated when a strong storm hit the municipality in 2007. The storm Noel lashed the town, affecting its fishing industry. Residents' source of income hit a snag because of the damage caused by the storm. However, a number of international organizations, including Oxfam, sent assistance to the city. They helped revive the fishing industry so as to restore people's livelihood.

Three years after the storm, Belle-Anse faced another hurdle when a cholera epidemic occurred. Several non-government organizations such as Save The Children helped out to treat those affected, especially the kids.

Belle-Anse was also one of the towns that felt the impact of the 2010 earthquake. Thousands of buildings were damaged by the calamity, while at least 8,000 people took refuge in the town. Malteser International and other organizations deployed rescue and relief aid teams to the town to provide help, as well as launch developmental programs. Various projects have been rolled out, including nutrition, water, and sanitation programs.

Given all the challenges that Belle-Anse faced, it is fortunate that it is still standing with the help of international organizations. Rehabilitation programs are still ongoing and people continue to restore and improve their living conditions.

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