Jacmel Carnival is part of the Identity of the City

The city of Jacmel has many things going for it. Beside the beautiful beaches with spectacular view and. Beside its historic, 19th century colonial houses which were inhabited by wealthy coffee merchants, Jacmel is also popular for its carnival


For a city considered today to be the cultural capital of Haiti, one very important annual event is Jacmel Carnival. I is usually held one week before the National Carnival in Haiti. During this time, Haitians of all background, rich, poor, black, white and mulatos all merge in the city with only one objective, to experience the best Haitian Carnival of the year.

This is an opportunity for the local artist to display their work and their artistic talents. The major streets and these 19th century colonial houses and balconies decorated . Thousands of people in the streets, wearing their colorful costumes, dancing at the beat of loud Haitian Kompa music. This is also a time when you see something the artist of Jacmel are reputable for, hundreds and hundreds of huge colorful masks made with papier mache that are amazingly decorated.

Each of these masks and costumes has a message and expresses a particular statement on the part of the artist who designed it. They usually portray either a political issue in Haiti, a significant time in Haiti's History, or some Voodoo expression

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