Port-au-Prince the Envy of Caribbean, a 3.3 billion dollars plan

Is this for real? A new plan is circulating out there to rebuild not Haiti, but the Republic of Port-au-Prince for a reasonable cost of 3.3 billion dollars. Let me say it again. A new layout for the city of Port-au-Prince is estimated to cost $3,300,000,000,000.00. This plan that was developed by the Haitian Center for Research in Management and Development (CHRAD), was submitted to president Michel Martelly.

Can someone help me to understand this?

Where would the Haitian people find this kind of money in order to make Port-au-Prince the envy of Caribbean?

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Boucan-Carre Setback from 2010 Earthquake

Boucan-Carré, a cityship in the Mirebalais Arrondisement, situated within the Centre Department of Haiti, is made up of three communal divisions: Duffailly, Petite Montagne, and Les Bayes.

Boucan-Carré's topography contains immense tracts of mountain terrain and plunging hollows. The Boucan-Carré River slices through the heart of the town of Chambeau. The chief means of income for residents of Boucan-Carré are agricultural farming and the charcoal industry.

Several non-government organizations (NGO) have stepped up to help improve the infrastructure beginning in the early 2000's. Haiti Outreach Program, Give Haiti Hope, and Partners in Health, all U.S.-based NGOs, have subsidized two schools, a church, and hospital. The hospital, a full-service facility, has grown from its modest beginnings as a community clinic.

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People in Cap-Haitian threw stones and bottles at Michel Martelly

The "Haitian Joudalist" just learned that Michel Martelly received a rude welcome in Cap-Haitian during a visit over the weekend.

According to Taiwan News, people in a crowd of thousands threw rocks and bottles at the Haitian President Michel Martelly while he was in a visit in the city of Cap-Haitian. The president was not hurt, however, several arrests were made as a result of the incident.

Is this a sign of frustration with the population?

Since President Michel Martelly became president, he has not been able to put a government in place. His first two Prime Ministers designee so far have not been successful.

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Arrondissement of Corail

Corail is a town in Haiti. In the Grand'Anse Department, it is a municipality in the Corail Arrondissement. It is located at a 155 meters altitude above the level of the sea. Corail is located at 73° 53' 0" West and 18° 34' 0" North.

After the earthquake that took place in 2010, there was rapid growth in the population as people in thousands, trotted into Corail. In Haiti, it is known as the only 'official camp' which has been set up in April 2010, thanks to the Haiti government.

A lot of planning was involved in Corail's camp construction. However a large number of NGOs or non-governmental organizations provided aid with trouble rooms and clean latrines and water in the camp.

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The Town of Les Irois

Les Irois is a beautiful sea town located in Haiti. At the Grand'Anse Department in the Anse-d'Hainault Arrondissement it is a municipality. It is an administrative division at the third order. It is better known as Irois.

As per census, the population at Les Irois is around 17,340. It is located at an elevation of 110 meters above the level of sea. On the north of the Equator, it is located at 18° 24' 0" and on the West of the Meridian it is at 74° 27' 0". From the capital of Haiti, it is situated at a distance of 224 kilometers.

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Haiti to be the First with a Floating City

A plan to build a Floating city in Haiti is just a dream now. In a few years, this can become a reality.

Tangram 3DS, in collaboration with Boston Architect and Designer E. Kevin Schopfer want to create the first Floating City in Haiti, Harvest City. This Floating City is to be located off the shores of Haiti and provide agriculture and light industries to the residents.

This is Haiti's opportunity to take a giant step into the future

This is how the Floating City, Harvest City, on the coast of Haiti

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