Port-au-Prince: Haiti's Capital

Being the country's capital, Port-au-Prince has a lot to offer. It is the main commercial district in the country, as businesses thrive in the city. It has a population of more than 1.2 million, most of whom are Africans but many businesses are owned by people with various races.


As the national capital, Port-au-Prince is the center of the country's economy. It is one of the leading exporters of coffee and sugar. It also used to export baseballs, shoes and other goods. Many food-processing plants and factories of soap, cement and textile, as well as construction companies can be found in Port-au-Prince. Tourism used to have a lot of potential, as the capital was once a popular destination for cruises. However, political unrest, higher crime rate and other factors made it a little less attractive to tourists, leading to a huge drop in tourism. Currently, there are no more cruise ships coming to the city's ports.

Port-au-Prince is currently headed by Mayor Jean Yves Jason, who assumed office during the 2010 earthquake that greatly devastated the city. It can be recalled that the capital was one of the towns that felt the full impact of the quake. A lot of historical buildings and attractions in the city were destroyed, including the Cathedral de Port-au-Prince, the Palace of Justice, and the Legislative Palace.

Even though three years have already passed since the calamity, the capital has yet to fully recover from it. A lot of work still have to be done, as poverty continues to grip the country.

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