Clifford Brandt, Haiti Prominent Businessman's son arrested for Kidnapping

Clifford Brandt, son to a prominent Haitian businessman, was locked up on Monday following allegations of kidnapping.


Clifford Brandt answering questionf from Haiti National Police

The matter is being investigated by Haitian police. Authorities on Wednesday said Clifford Brandt played a central role in the kidnapping of two children.

Frantz Lerebours, the police spokesman said the arrest of Clifford Brandt was because he was a suspect for having been involved in the kidnapping of two children of a family in Haitian capital, Port-au-Prince.

Brandt led the investigating policemen to the place where the two children were held. The police freed the children and arrested Brandt.

Police detectives also identified and arrested two other suspects who are believed to have organized the transportation of the kidnapped children. The two alleged accomplices who were caught driving a Toyota Land Cruiser were put in custody. Lerebours said the two were captured as they attempted to drive across the Dominican Republic border.

The Secretary of State for Public Security Reginald Delva reported on a radio station, Scoop FM that the kidnappers asked for at least $2 million in order to let the two abducted children free.
Delatour Calixte, Brandt's lawyer, denied the charges against his client. He said that Clifford Brandt was handling a family dispute. The lawyer agreed that Brandt had led police to the place of kidnapping, but said his client did not participate in kidnapping. His suggestion was that Brandt had organized the children's "removal" in a family dispute.

"Removing a person is not the same thing as kidnapping. There's a difference between kidnapping and a personal problem.... I have to say one thing: Mr. Brandt was never involved in kidnapping." Calixte said. " Clifford Brandt is a businessman. He operates a car dealership. His father, Fritz Brandt, heads a famous rich Haitian family running extensive export-import businesses.

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Subject: Clifford Brandt, Haiti Prominent Businessman's son arrested for Kidnapping edit

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