College Roger Anglade, Port-au-Prince Haiti

Sometimes referred to as College Roger A. Anglade, the College Roger Anglade or the CRA is a primary and secondary school that is held privately. CRA operates with one single motto - Higher & Higher or as they say in Haiti - Toujours plus haut. The school logo displays this motto of CRA. Roger Anglade founded the College Roger Anglade in 1957 along with Raymonde Anglade, his wife. The school suffered a significant structural damage during the devastating earthquake of 2010. Located in Port-au-Prince, the College Roger Anglade is one of the most prestigious and famous schools in Haiti.


Raymonde Anglade studied in Ecole Normale d'Instituteurs Elie Dubois and started teaching in a public girls school called République du Vénézuela and also offered private lessons at her family home. Roger Anglade on the other hand studied at Lycée Pétion until his secondary education and then obtained a scholarship in biochemistry at France's la Sorbonne where he studied biochemistry and contemplated pedagogy career. In 1953 he returned to Haiti and started offering private tuition to those students of Saint-Louis de Gonzague and Petit Séminaire College Saint-Martial, who were challenged academically. Those students excelled and Roger Anglade earned quite a reputation.

In 1954, Roger Anglade started the school on the veranda of his grandmother's house with two students and as the students excelled, the enrollment increased. In 1957, Daniel Dupont, a student of College Roger Anglade, passed the baccalauréat exam and the school stole the limelight. With the number of students increasing to 20, Roger Anglade decided to move the school to a new location. By that time he had met Raymonde and married her. In 1957 the established the real school at Avenue des Marguerites in an old house. Roger and Raymonde Anglade lived on the top floor and the ground floor was dedicated for secondary school while the primary school was housed in the veranda.

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