Commissioners Give Flimsy Evidence in Judge Jean Serge Joseph's Death

Judge jean serge joseph recently died of a cerebral hemorrhage two days after attending a meeting regarding the corruption case against First Lady, Sophia Martelly, and son Oliver. Some believe Judge Joseph's death came at the hands of the Martelly-Lamothe administration.


The Ministry of Justice (MOJ), pressured to address Joseph's death, called for Parliament to form a committee to investigate the circumstances of the meeting. The Special Senate

The Committee's report concludes, after taking testimony from first- and second-hand sources, extreme pressure was exerted on Joseph to stop proceedings against Mrs. Martelly and Oliver Martelly. But the MOJ questions the conclusions of the Committee. It says prejudice and irrationality clouded the testimonies, and can't be given much credence.

The Commissioners concluded Martelly, Lamothe, and Minister of Justice, Jean-Renel Sanon, gave false testimony about what happened at the meeting. The Commissioners have inferred Joseph was ". . . tortured until death ensues (sic) . . ." And they have recommended all three be impeached "for crimes of high treason. . ." and removed.

Doctors have said the Commissioners never sought a medical opinion on the scientific cause of the stroke. Research lists, among other risk factors, chronic stress as a cause for stroke.

It is reasonable to conclude extreme pressures on Judge Judge Jean Serge Joseph caused a chronic stress condition, enough to cause his death. But this is not enough of a reason to call for impeachment. But the opposition doesn't see it that way.

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Subject: Commissioners Give Flimsy Evidence in Judge Jean Serge Joseph's Death edit

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