Contributory Reasons for Feeling Anger Long after Abortion Has Taken Place

Emotional interruptions are inevitable after undergoing any form of traumatizing experience. Abortion is not an exception and any patient who undergoes the procedure without dealing with emotional maturely will definitely experience emotions of anger long after undertaking the abortion treatment. What causes the anger feeling is a misery t many. The section that follows will try to bring to light the contributory reasons for persons nursing the feelings of anger long after the abortion treatment.


Many persons who undertake abortion might have not reconsidered their decision before settling for the final decision to eliminate the pregnancy. This means that some may have concluded to eliminate the pregnancy due to the rude shock of realizing that they are pregnant. They are scared to the point that they will spend little time to consider the available options. Sometimes, they may be pressured to have the abortion and do not have the time to consider the risks deeply. This realization brings the feeling of anger in that they realize they could have spent little more time to think about abortion before undergoing the procedure.

Another reason that makes patients of abortion to develop feelings of anger is the realization that they have killed a human life. This is the case more especially if the patient had strong inclination to religious teachings that is against abortion. Realizing that they have diverted from their belief will cause anger.

The realization that their previous abortions have affected the uterus and that they will no longer bear kids may cause the feelings of anger. If they realize they had the only chance of bearing their kid and have lost, it forever will contribute to the piling anger.

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