CPAM 1610, popular Haitian Radio Station in Montreal set on fire

The authorities continue to investigate a fire incident in the popular radio station CPAM 1610 in Montreal. The station was damaged by two fires on July 2 and the police said the incident was suspicious. Luckily, no one was in the building when the incident occurred. According to reports, the station's front window was broken and the fire started near it. A second fire ignited at the second floor of the station located at the corner of Musset Ave. and Cremazie Blvd. Montreal Fire Department spokesperson Claude Deschuymer said the fire was likely caused by Molotov cocktails because broken glass was seen in both places where the fire started.


CPAM 1610 is very popular in Montreal as it reaches 115,000 Haitians. It is known for its strong criticism against the government under President Martelly. CPAM 1610 director and owner Jean-Ernest Pierre was neither surprised nor unfazed by the fire incident. He said that the station is used to receiving threats due to its direct and strong commentaries. However, it was the first time that a threat has actually been done.

The incident did not stop CPAM 1610 from going on air. As a matter of fact, it resumed its operation just hours after the fire, as the station set up a temporary studio. Pierre revealed that the popular Haitian Radio Station in Montreal should return to its normal operation by Thursday. He added that there would not be any additional security and that officials will review the footage recorded by the station's surveillance cameras. The owner stressed that the station will not be prevented from analyzing the government in order to educate the people.

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