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Decision not final on Moise Jean Charles' candidacy

Candidate for President Moise Jean Charles might want to consider calling the forces that he believes in. Whether it is God, the "Lwas", etc. this is the time for the candidate to pull his "Baton Moise" to ask for special help as the CEP is considering the possibility to remove him from the Presidential race. It has been rumored that there are some funds given to him when he was the Mayor of the city of Milot for which he did not receive a "Decharge" for".

Kandida pou Prezidan Moise Jean Charles ta ka vle konsidere rele fòs yo ke li mete konfyans yo nan . Kit se Bondye, " Lwas a", elatriye, sa se tan pou kandida a rale " Baton Moise " pou mande èd paceke CEP a ap konsidere posibilite pou yo retire l ' soti nan ras pwezidansyèl la. Ginyin rimè ki di li pa ta resevwa décharge pou yon lajan lite resevwa lè li te Majistra a nan vil Milot

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Give it up CEP, you can't win the argument over Discharge

Lawyers for the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) ruled this week that Former Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe lacks the required "discharge" to remain as a candidate in the next Presidential election. Members of the CEP have decided to the law regarding "Discharge" must be implemented. All candidates that have held positions managing public funds must obtain their décharge. There is only one exception: Members of the CEP who have held positions managing public funds do not need any décharge.

This is what many would call an arbitrary position on the part of the CEP. How do you feel requesting for something you yourself don't have? This is very dangerous to a democratic society when people in power think they have the freedom to select the laws they like and to implement them only when they want and under the conditions they select.

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Will Laurent Lamothe receive Discharge from Senate to run in Next Election?

President Michel Martelly as well as Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe have been busy, traveling the country. They are often met with fans, people who have approved their job performance so far. Many in the general public believe that the Martelly-Lamothe team is in a campaign mode and actually running their campagn for the next general election,while the campaign season is not officially open

If that is the case, would you say that this is not fair to the opposition who can not campaign until then?

The Martelly-Lamothe may have the advantage at this time, however, it may not hold for long. Just think for a moment that Laurent Lamothe is the chosen person for Martelly, the one that Michel Martelly will support in the next election to replace him.

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