Deputy Arnel Belizaire denied renewal of diplomatic visa by U.S. Consulate

If there is one Haitian official that does keep the media occupy, it's none other than our famous Deputy of Tabarres Delmas, Arnel Belizaire. After his recent issue at Haiti Post office and the Parliamentary session, now, according to some unconfirmed report, Deputy Arnel Belizaire has been denied the renewal of his diplomatic visa by the U.S. consulate in Port-au-Prince.


Can someone confirm this?

According to, the information was confirmed by Deputy Arnel Belizaire that his application for the renewal of his diplomatic visa not granted by the United States.

Assuming this is a fact. Can a foreign government just make a unilateral decision without presenting causes to denied renewal of diplomatic visa of an official?

We all can agree that the Haitian Deputy Arnel Belizaire has not been a passive man lately in term of his behaviors. However, as a current Haitian official, should he be considered as a non-desirable representative of the Haitian population and restricted from traveling?

What do you think?

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Bozo says...

F [at] k him. This dude is a fool and I agree, he shouldn't be allowed to travel or do anything to help his country.

The actions I have seen lately of him are just unethical for someone in

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Junior says...

This gentleman is an idiot, I asked myself how this kind of people get elected, only in Haiti.Les haitiens confondent bandits et justiciables, c'est pourquoi qu'ils avaient elu J B Aristide a la presidence du pays avec les resultats que l'on voit maintenant.

Honnetement Depute Belizaire devait etre demis de ses fonctions pour mauvaise conduite et entrave a la vie de la

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Pierre-audie says...

His action is vile and crass it's very unbecoming of his position as a parlimentarian.This is not acceptable behavior.

Im glad that the U.S embassy has denied his visa renewal.

He will think twice before he decides to shit where ever he

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Subject: Deputy Arnel Belizaire denied renewal of diplomatic visa by U.S. Consulate edit

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