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Arnel Belizaire wants to take over the National Palace with 120 soldiers

In the past some people would try to take Haiti National Palace while it was occupied. As a result, this often resulted in bloody Coup D'etat, leaving many people dead. This time, former Deputy Arnel Belizaire has a better plan. While Haiti National Palace is unoccupied, he wants to head an army of no more than 120 soldiers to take over the National Palace.

Who would disagree? The National Palace is vacant. It should be an easy coup D'Etat

What do you think?

Haitian Kreyol

Arnel Belizaire vle pran Palè Nasyonal la ak 120 sòlda

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Arnel Belizaire and other candidates rejected CEP charges

Candidates Reject CEP Charges of Disrupting Elections. The Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) is receiving backlash from several candidates, accused by the PEC of disrupting ballot casting during August's parliamentary elections. The PEC has removed 14 candidates from the second round of balloting. The rejected candidates have been accused of such actions as gun violence, stealing and/or destroying voting material, and generally disrupting the balloting process.

Three candidates in particular have denied and/or challenged the PEC's claims: West Department senate candidate, Arnel Belizaire; Northwest deputy candidate, Francois Claude; and deputy candidate, Joseph Deshommes.

Belizaire, representing APLA, claims he was not in Drouillard; in fact, he says, no voting station exists in Drouillard. He corresponded with PEC President Pierre Opont, asking him to take Belizaire off the list of rejected candidates, because no proof exists he shot off an automatic firearm to disperse voters.

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Arnel Belizaire among 14 candidates eliminated by CEP

If nothing else, this decision will probably teach Haitian candidates a lesson. The CEP has announced that a total of 14 candidates have been eliminated for violence perpetrated during the last Haiti election of August 9, 2015.

13 candidates for Deputation and 1 candidate for Senate are out and no longer able to participate in Haiti election. The list which is provisional includes:
- Four candidates from PHTK
- Two candidates from Platform Verite
- One candidate from Fanmi Lavalas
- One candidate from Fusion

Complete List of candidates removed by CEP :

FRANCOIS Tony Antonelly Claude, candidate for deputy / Port-de-Paix PHTK

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Deputy Arnel Belizaire Hunger Strike Protests Silence on Constitutional Violations

Lower House Deputy, Arnel Belizaire, is taking his dissatisfaction with the government of Haiti to extremes. After physically assaulting Prime Minister (PM) Lamothe's representative, parliamentarian Phelito Doran, Belizaire was suspended from Parliament for two months and his wages cut by 50%.

Undeterred, he has begun a hunger strike to protest the illegitimacy of the Judiciary Superior Council President, Me Anel Alexis Joseph, whose appointment Belizaire contends poses a conflict of interest. Joseph is an intimate of P.M. Lamothe, and Belizaire believes Joseph is unduly influenced by Lamothe's political agenda.

To up the ante, Belizaire has barricaded himself in a Lower House meeting room, bringing with him a mattress, bedding, and a gun to send a message to Parliament ". . . to stop condoning the violations of the Constitution . . ." He is also demanding political prisoners be set free and wants an accounting of how Parliament is spending funds allocated to it through the United States Agency for International Development.

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Dr. Maryse Narcisse, next Fanmi Lavalas candidate for the next Presidential election

Dr. Maryse Narcisse, received recently the nomination of the political party Fanmi Lavalas to potentially be the country's next president as early as 2015. The news was corroborated on Radio Kiskeya's 4pm news by party leaders Dr. Schiller Luidor and Dr. Louis Gerald Gilles.

Acting as the National Coordinator of the party, Narcisse has been featured in the controversial sanctioning of activists Deputy Arnel Belizaire and Senator Jean Charles Moise. Dr. Narcisse, who promotes democracy and has done much for education and community-based health care in the country, is a medical doctor. It is hoped her experience in healing can be of use to the party that is said to be suffering from a takeover of the "bourgeois makoutise". At present, the party is deemed to be in second place because of this crack in its foundation. Leading currently is the Inite Party, the political party of the former Haitian President, Rene Preval. One other issue Dr. Narcisse will have to contend with is the perception of her involvement with the United States Embassy in Haiti, as well as other private sector leaders.

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Arnel Belizaire rushed to hospital of Canape vert

In his twenty first day of hunger strike, Deputy Arnel Belizaire are unable to continue without the intervention of some professionals in the medical field. This Sunday, he was rushed to the hospital of Canapé vert as his his health was deteriorating to a dangerous point

Last Thursday, an infusion of saline intravenously was administered to him to prevent the hunger strike from endangering his life.

Do you think that Deputy Arnel Belizaire should continue with the hunger strike upon release from the hospital?

Pawol Pale, Pawol Komprann....

Monchè sanble yo paka ouè bout to bonnom sa yo bay pou Arnel Belizaire sa non!

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Arnel Belizaire weighs possibility to continue fight with arms in hand

Last Thursday, Deputy Arnel Belizaire revealed some of his plans for the future. He has no intention of giving up on his fight against the government of Michel Martelly. The Deputy of Delma and Tabarre did not hesitate to mention the possibility to continue his fight in the future with arms in hand.

According to an article in, Arnel Belizaire said: "I am violent. I always took part in all the armed struggles in recent years. If necessary after the end of my term, I will do the armed struggle. This is where I'm most comfortable." . He stated that President Michel Martelly is also a violent man.

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Arnel Belizaire kicked out of the Haitian parlement for two Months

For the first time, the Haitian Parlement has decided to flex its muscles and take a decision against Deputy Arnel Belizaire. Following the aggression of Arnel belizaire against Minister Phélito Doran, the House of Deputy has decided to keep him out of his functions for two Months.

After listening to the version of Minister Phélito Doran, last Thursday, the decision was taken. Deputy Arnel Belizaire was also invited to present his side of the story. However, after several attempts, he did not show up.

Should we say that for at least the next two months we will have a quieter Haitian Parlement?

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Deputy Arnel Belizaire brutal assault on Minister Phelito Doran

There is a major problem growing with Deputy Arnel Belizaire. The deputy of Tabarre some how manages to create an atmosphere of intimidation in the government of Michel Martelly. The Haitian Government denounces and strongly condemns the latest action by the Deputy of Tabarre, a brutal assault on Minister Phélito Doran. This took place on June 25, 2014, in full session at the Chamber of Deputies. Additionally, it was reported that Deputy Arnel Belizaire made death threats against the Minister Phélito Doran.

I would like to say that there is definitely a problem with Deputy Arnel Belizaire and it must be addressed. Deputy Belizaire has been able to get away with too much and unfortunately, the more you give him, the more he will take from you. He so far has been very successful to the point where his behaviors are currently affecting the core principles of our attempt to create a Democratic society.

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Deputy Arnel Belizaire heads armed commando to free ONA Security

Tuesday, March 26 was a day filled with developments within the Haitian justice system. It began early in the day when ONA (Office National Old Age Insurance) security agents and employees staged a protest which stopped other ONA employees from entering or leaving the compound. The group that demonstratively chained and locked the main gate was directing their ire at Director General of the company, Bernard Desgraff.

Desgraff, in the position for over four years, is accused of the waste and mismanagement of company funds, of removing the health insurance of the workers, of exhibiting favoritism in lending habits and of the removal of an ebit card that had been in place before he came into office. For all these charges, the protesting group wished for his firing.

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