Did Pierre-Louis Opont commit treason to the Nation of Haiti

In 2015, Mr. Pierre-Louis Opont who was at the time the President of the CEP in Haiti and who also was responsible to conduct election in 2000 admitted that the result of the election he publishes in 2000 was contrary to the actual results and that he was obligated to publish the results fabricated to avoid popular uprising.


Taking a closer look at the whole incident, one might conclude that Mr. Opond has actually conspired with the international community to arm the sovereignty of Haiti. He allowed Michel Martelly to be qualified for the run off election in lieu of Jude Célestin of the political party INITE who earned square and fair that right. Ironically, Pierre-Louis Opont was rewarded by Michel Martelly as he was chosen to run the next election in 2015.

It would be up to you to make that judgement on whether or not Mr. Pierre-Louis Opont committed treason; however, treason is defined as an offense of acting to overthrow one's government or to harm or kill its sovereign. A violation of allegiance to the state through betrayal of a trust or confidence.

Unlike Haiti, most societies do not reinforce this type of behavior by rewarding the perpetrator with a promotion or allowing the person to continue with the same pattern and behavior. In France, King Louis XVI was executed in 1793 after his conviction for conspiracy with foreign powers. He was sentenced to death and executed by guillotine in the Place de la Revolution in Paris.

Francois Duvalier adopted a propaganda campaign during his dictatorship by accusing anyone who doesn't agree with him of treason. Most Haitians do remember this famous sentence: "Vouloire Detruire Duvalier C'est Vouloir Detruire Haiti" "Wanting to destroy Duvalier is wanting to destroy Haiti". Any attempt to arm his dictatorship would be considered as treason.

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Cesar says...

I believe that Mr. Opont deserves a lot of credit because he has the nerves to denounce what the U.S. Government alongside the international commitee such as France and Canada forced him to do because of that you can see how Haiti is deteriorating with corruptions, drug dealers, kidnappings, and most of all injustices.

Mr. Opont, I salute your courage

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Subject: Did Pierre-Louis Opont commit treason to the Nation of Haiti edit

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