Dominican demonstrators for Constitutional Court ruling

Demonstrating how ingrained the prejudice those from the Dominican Republic feel against their Haitian neighbors is, hundreds of placard bearing demonstrators took to the streets of their capital to show their support for the Constitutional Court ruling made on September 23, 2013 that would see many thousands of people of Haitian descent, who currently hold, and have held as far back as the 1920's Dominican Republic resident status, stripped of their citizenship.


Going further, the mass also called for the erection of a wall to permanently separate their country from Haiti, with whom they share the island of Hispaniola. During the gathering they sang their national anthem and waved their flag to show their patriotism. The coalition's intent was, perhaps, to give affirmation to their government that their constitutional change was in line with the want of the population, in the midst of international outcry that the move is offensive and contrary to the statutes of a civilized country.

Dissent has poured in from international bodies such as the Caribbean Community, Amnesty International, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, and from independent countries such as ST. Vincent and the Grenadines, but, despite the international outcry, the country remains firm behind its decision, which they also voted can never be repealed.

Calling the outrage expressed by the international community hypocritical, Juan Manuel Castillo Pantaleon, who addressed the crowd, fueled their ire by stating the Dominican Republic could not be expected to fix the problems of the 'failed' Haitian State. However, critics question whether this reason can adequately explain why the rule must be retroactively initiated.

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Vamel Baron says...

I knew it all along that day will come because i know to quote my friend Balin they never like us but we choose to see it differently so now we have to do

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