Dominicans demand formal apology, Haiti says no way

Who will crack first? The Dominican Government declared that they will not seat down with the Haitian Government and discuss anything related to migration until the Haitian Government formally present an apology for the comments made by the Haitian President Michel Martelly at the Organization of American States recently and his Foreign Minister Lener Renauld.


The authorities stated that under no circumstances that they will accept the image of the Dominican Republic be affected as they are ready to defend their morals and respect.

On the other hand, Haitian authorities declined the request made by the Dominican Republic for a formal apology. According to the Communications Minister, Rotchild Francois Jr., "the Haitian government would not be apologizing to the Dominican Republic for charges it has made against it that have been proven true."

What do you think, will there be an apology coming from the Haitian government or not?

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Ulrick Midi says...

no way to apologize to the Dominican

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Ricart says...

I find it amazing how we Dominicans always manage to outsmart and outmaneuver Haitians.

The Dominican government said it would only open immigration and deportations dialogue with Haiti if the latter apologize for their smear campaign against DR.

By refusing to apologize, Haitians are giving Dominicans an excuse not to improve communication, designate border points, times, and other critical factors of the repatriation process.

Now I see Haitians foolishly excited because their government is refusing to apologize, when that is precisely what the Dominican government

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Ricart says...

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction; Haitian authorities do not feel obligated to apologize for their smear campaign against the Dominican Republic; in return, Dominican authorities made it known that they are not obligated to sit down with their Haitian counterparts to discuss immigration issues and to coordinate the deportations; Haiti does not have the ability to negotiate from a position of power at any level, so we all know which one will crack first in this

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Yolaine Pouhe says...

No apology whatsoever.

In addition to behaving like cruel slave owners, now they want an apology for people exposing them. NO

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Ricky Mazoe says...

Hell No! I hope the haitian do not apologize to these inhuman

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