Jean-Claude Duvalier defied judge order in return was summoned to appear in Court

The former Haitian dictator Jean-Claude "Baby Doc" Duvalier did not play his cards well with the head of the court of appeals, magistrate Jean Joseph Lebrun. He defied the judge order to appear in court on Thursday to face charges of corruption and human-rights violations during his 15-year rule and did not show up, sending his attorney instead, Reynold Georges. However, the judge who was not happy about that on Thursday summoned Jean-Claude Duvalier to appear in court.


Jean-Claude Duvalier was scheduled to attend a hearing to determine whether he should again face charges for human rights abuses committed during the 15 years of his regime.

The courtroom was packed with human rights activists, journalists and other observers. Defense attorney Reynold Georges, who is in charge of Jean-Claude Duvalier legal team, argued unsuccessfully to convince magistrate Jean Joseph Lebrun that it was not necessary for his client to be present at the hearing and also made an appeal to have the case transferred the Haiti Supreme Court. Both requests were dismissed.

Jean-Claude Duvalier was summoned to appear in Court on Tuhursday, February 28, 2013.

Robert Duval who was imprisoned during the Duvalier era is one of the plaintiffs against former Haitian dictator Jean-Claude "Baby Doc" Duvalier. He said "No more hanky panky anymore. They have to bring him here."

Jean Claude Duvalier who already boycotted two previous court hearings was ordered by Judge Jean-Joseph Lebrun, to be escorted to court by law-enforcement officials next Tuesday.

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Davis Louis says...

Jean Claude Duvalier should be left alone and those Human Rights Groups ...

the prevailing priority to Haiti is to put the past into oblivion and go ahead.

When Duvalier ( Baby Doc ) acceded to the presidency; due to his age and his inexperience, he was not the one leading haiti but his consorts and he cannot bear responsibility for their crimes.

It is imperative that this page be turned over in order to pave the way to true reconciliation.


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Jemma Phoenixx says...

Ayiti bliye sou masak Aristide ki nan La Scierie nan lane fevriye 2004. Anpil moun mal panse selman tande de

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