Eight death, Over 1200 homes flooded in Cap-Haitien as a result of Heavy rain

The heavy rain that prevented American Airlines from landing in Cap-Haitian on Monday caused much more problems than that. It caused eight death on Monday.


According to local official, four people drowned while attempting to cross a swollen river. One was electrocuted with a live power line. Three children died in Port-au-Prince when a home fell on them. The wall of the home collapsed in Fontamara 27, killing 3 children

It was also reported that over 1,200 homes were flooded in the city of Cap-Haitien. Many animals and crops have been lost. Flood was also reported in Limonade, Grande-Rivière-du-Nord and Petite-Ance

Kreyol Pale, Kreyol Kompran

Mezanmi, dlow, dlow!

Anpil dega fet nan Okap avek yon lapli ki vini et ki pa te vle rete. Dlo rantre lakay plis ke 1,200 moun. Li tiye omwni 8 moun: Twa nan yo, dlow brote yo ale, yon moun pran nan kouran, gin twa timoun ki mouri lè ke yon mi tombe sou yo

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Nestor P Mateo says...

It is with great sorrow that I'm reading this article about the new disasters that are affecting the Haitian people.

Once again nature shows no mercy to our people.

We must continue to strive to improve the socio-economic situation of the entire country.

Such calamities cannot stop us from doing what we have to do to make it in Haiti.

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Subject: Eight death, Over 1200 homes flooded in Cap-Haitien as a result of Heavy rain edit

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