Eight death, Over 1200 homes flooded in Cap-Haitien as a result of Heavy rain

Nestor P Mateo - November 5 2014, 4:16 PM

It is with great sorrow that I'm reading this article about the new disasters that are affecting the Haitian people.

Once again nature shows no mercy to our people.

We must continue to strive to improve the socio-economic situation of the entire country.

Such calamities cannot stop us from doing what we have to do to make it in Haiti.

The Japanese, for example, show great fortitude when they are affected by calamities similar or superior to these; of course the unbeatable socio- economic conditions of Japan, not taking away the merits of these fighting people, of which humanity should be proud to live on the same planet, give them more facilities to overcome the type of challenges they face on a constant basis.

I myself was supposed to have traveled to Cap Haitian yesterday to begin a series of visits aimed at establishing a great and innovative development project in Cap Haitian and the surrounding areas, but a couple of days ago my partners and I postponed our trip for next week.

We have to move on now more than ever.

Haiti has some amazing natural conditions for development.

It just need that Haitians living in the country, Haitian leaving in the diaspora, and friends of Haiti and foreign investors, with great vision, take action to establish businesses in the country.

These actions will, sooner or later, motivate politicians to create the necessary facilities for administrative issues to be resolved with greater fluidity and transparency.

We need to remove the myth that Haiti is a very dangerous place for business, that crime has no control, that corruption pervades everything, etc.

Enough is enough; the country cannot continue to suffer the effects of being stereotyped, and that they relate to Haiti with derogatory epithets.

Let's create a new image of Haiti and the Haitians, even though we pay a big price for that.

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Eight death, Over 1200 homes flooded in Cap-Haitien as a result of Heavy rain

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