CEP announces Final Presidential Election results

According to the CEP, Jovenel Moise and Jude Celestin will face each other in the run-off election on December 27, 2015. The announcement came on the same day the BCEN issued its verdict agreeing with the candidates who contest the results and ordered the Tabulization Center to revise the tabulation to include some "Proce Verbal". The opposition reacted immediately, planning mass demonstrations in the coming days. According to candidate Steven Benoit, there will be a reunion this afternoon by the members of the G8 and an announcement will be made immediately. He continues to ask for non-violence protest. Senator Moise Jean Charles is asking for protest, accusing the present government and a branch of the International community to reconsider their plan.


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The final tabulation of first-round voting has selected Jovenel Moise and Jude Celestin, respectively in first and second places. They will vie for the presidency on December 27th's run-off.

The results gave Moise the lead with 32.76% of the vote and Celestin 25.29%. The news stoked the anger of Moise Charles, a popular candidate, who repudiated the outcome.

More outbreaks of violence have occurred with civilians and police both victims of rioting.

Haitian Kreyol:

CEP anonse Final rezilta pou Eleksyon Prezidansyèl

Dapre CEP a, Jovenel Moise ak Jude Celestin ap fè final 27 Desanm, 2015. Anons sa a te vini nan menm jou BCEN te bay vèdik li kote li dakò ak kandida yo ki konteste rezilta yo e li te bay lòd pou sant Tabulization an revise klasifikasyon an enkli ladan kèk " prose vèbal ". Opozisyon an te reyaji imedyatman ak mas manifestasyon planifye nan jou kap vini a. Dapre kandida Steven Benoit , pral gen yon reunion apremidi a pami G8 la epi yo pral anonse ki sa yo ape fè. Li kontinye mande pou pwotestasyon yo pa vyolan. Senatè Moise Jean Charles ap mande pou pwotestasyon kontinye. Li akize gouvènman an ak yon branch nan kominote entènasyonal la pou decision sa

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