Presidential commission, not addressing crisis, issued report

The presidential Commission probably wished that they had selected another group of Proces-Verbal (PV) on which to base their conclusion. From a sample of 1770 PV randomly selected from the election of October 25, the commission has found many cases of irregularities and fraud. More than 30 percent of the votes sampled by the commission could not be traced to an actual identification card. More than 43 percent of the Proces-Verbal (PV) were altered or modified. At least 39 percent of the people who had voted, based on the sample, were not included in the list. It is also important to report that Mandators are allowed to vote at the place they are and do not necessarily need to be included in any list.


Despite all that, the election process continues as scheduled. The date of January 17 has been reserved for run-off election. The Presidential Commission has recommended that some of the CEP members be investigated and put aside if necessary as there has been allegations of frauds against some of them.

Was there any use for this Commission?

Haitian Kreyol:

Komisyon Prezidansyèl pibliye yon rapò ki pa adrese kriz la

Komisyon prezidansyèl sa pwobableman te vle chwazi yon lòt gwoup Pwose-vèbal (PV) pou te ed yo pran decisyon sa. Nan yon echantiyon de 1770 PV chwazi nan eleksyon 25 Oktòb pase, komisyon an te jwenn anpil ka iregilarite ak fwod. Nan plis pase 30 pousan nan echantiyon vòt komisyon an te chwazi, pa te ginyen yon kat idantifikasyon. Plis pase 43 pousan Pwose-vèbal yo (PV) te chanje oswa modifye. Omwen 39 pousan nan moun ki te vote, ki baze sou echantiyon an, pa te enkli nan lis la. Li enpòtan tou di ke Mandatè yo gen dwa vote nan plas ke yo ye epi yo pa nesesèman bezwen enkli nan yon lis.

Malgre tout sa, pwosesis eleksyon an ap kontinye kòm pwograme. Dat 17 janvye te rezève pou dezyem tou eleksyon an. Komisyon Prezidansyèl te rekòmande ke yo dwe mennen envestigasyon sou kèk nan manm CEP yo pou dwet long siperyè

Mape mande eske se vre te gen itilizasyon pou Komisyon sa a?

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Subject: Presidential commission, not addressing crisis, issued report edit

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