Princeton Power Systems and Microgrid Market in Haiti and the Caribbean

Princeton Power Systems is a New Jersey based designer and manufacturer of modern technology solutions for energy management. The company is a global leader that specializes in micro-grid operations, and electric vehicle charging. They manufacturer UL- and CE-certified power electronics that are used in advanced battery operations and alternative energy. UL is an American worldwide safety certification and CE is a similar certification that literally means Conformité Européene" or "European Conformity.


A micro-grid is a composition of technologies that includes energy generation, storage and load management system, appropriate for a community use. A micro-grid can operate independently or works in conjunction with the area's main electrical grid. Princeton Power Systems has recently launched a partnership with 'Home Control' with a focus on the Caribbean and Haitian market for expanding their base in the renewable energy and distributable generation. 'Home Control' is a leader in home automation, renewable energy, and audio engineering for residential, commercial, and industrial customers.

Haiti has great demand for renewable energy and distributed generation, especially in the rural areas where the lack of reliable electricity is retarding every economic and human development programs. 'Renewable energy' is energy generated from natural resources--such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides and geothermal heat--which are renewable, never depletes through use and 'Distributed Generation (DG)' refers to power generation at the point of consumption. This is the ideal time to introduce these forms of energy on a large scale in Haiti because the earthquake of 2010 had severely damaged its electrical grid in a way that constructing solar-powered micro-grids is rightly the next best logical step. Haiti's government is presently weighing different alternatives to bring electricity in rural areas. Haiti has a massive source of untapped solar energy throughout the year. If such abundant source of energy can be utilized, it can improve the economic well being of the country while supporting its public health, safety and education. Solar Micro-grids with storage can be designed and built within three months; they are reliable and cheaper than many other alternative sources of energy.

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