Enigma Performing Arts and Convention Center of Haiti (EPAC Haiti) and Monster

EPAC Haiti (Enigma Performing Arts and Convention Center of Haiti) and Monster is the world leader in high-performance personal audio. The EPAC Haiti has come together to raise funds to construct a 3000 seat concert hall. The hall, EPAC Hall, will be used as an art convention center. It is designed by Kevin Roche, a Metropolitan Museum architect, who won the Pritkzer Award. This EPAC concert hall will be a school for art performing, art and dance studios, a museum, as well as an artisan market, among other art-related things.


Monster gave a donation of 100 headphones that are to be painted by the experts as black canvases that will make art pieces appear unique and attractive. Auctioning for ten headphones was planned to take place on June 25, 2014 at Openhouse Gallery from 6p.m to 9p.m. There were already ten headphones painted and the starting bid was approximately $10,000. The remaining 90 headphones were to be auctioned starting June 23rd to July 2nd, 2014 through Ebay.com and the starting bid is $500.

EPAC Haiti was founded by Youdy Sanon a Haitian-American entrepreneur together with photographer and filmmaker, Kishner Deprinvill. This concert hall is expected to be the center for culture and entertainment for youth and artists in Haiti. Also, it is expected to be a platform for tourism because of entertainment, whereby it will facilitate the economic growth and development through job creation and art education across the region. The EPAC Haiti will touch from town-town initiative with the aim of harnessing and empowering the talented youth community in the entire Caribbean.

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