Enock Géné Génélus and Judge Denis Pierre Michel, extortion scheme

Haitian Judiciary Extorts $49,900 from Haitian Businessman


National Network for the Defense of Human Rights (RNDDH) has disclosed a Haitian-American businessman was a victim of an extortion scheme, perpetrated by the Haitian judiciary. It began when Madsen Clervoyant beat up Duclas Marcelin over a woman both had been seeing. Clervoyant was arrested and incarcerated in Gonaives. In a strange turn of events, Louima Louidor, Gonaives magistrate, handed Clervoyant's case over to Gonaives Government Commissioner, Enock Gene Genelus, who passed it along to Judge Denis Pierre Michel.

While Judge Michel was reviewing Clervoyant's file, Clervoyant's attorneys, Miguel Baptist and Marcel Jean-Baptiste brokered a settlement agreement by which Clervoyant would pay Marcelin $40,000 USD for beating him up. Clervoyant's attorneys then requested of Judge Michel Clervoyant be let out of jail to make a $40,000 payment to Marcelin. When the judge denied the illegal request, the attorneys went back to Genelus, and asked him to agree to release Clervoyant so he could make a bank transfer. Genelus said yes, and Clervoyant was transported in the Commissioner's car with a police escort to Clervoyant's bank. There he transferred $40,000 USD to Marcelin's account. In total the attorneys extorted $49,900 USD from Clervoyant.

According to RNDDH "No legal provision authorizes a government commissioner to intervene in a case that is in full treatment" RNDDH is stunned government corruption has ascended to the upper echelons of the judiciary in Gonaives. RNDDH says it is urging Ministry of Justice to investigate all involved in extorting Clervoyant.

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Subject: Enock Gene Genelus and Judge Denis Pierre Michel, extortion scheme edit

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