Dominicans, not Haitians, expelled from their land to Haiti

Is Haiti practicing the words of the Bible literally in the ongoing crisis with the Dominican Republic? "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest". Haiti continues to remain true to itself by welcoming anyone who has problem in their own country. However, when do you say enough is enough?


Long ago, thousands of Haitians nationals crossed the border to seek work; many of them at the request of the Dominican Republic to go work in Batey. Like in any other countries, immigrants who usually come for work tend to stay by making the new land their own and also contribute much more to the society. The least that new country could offer them is a path to normalization and citizenship.

This is what we have in our hands, thousands of Haitians who immigrated to the Dominican Republic ended up with thousands of their children who grew up there without ever being granted citizenship.

However, the Dominican republic is an exception. A country that has been striving mainly on the back of Haitians has decided to give the worst possible treatment to that same group. Haitian consume most of the junks that the Dominican Republic produces, allowing to create more jobs for their people. You can expect some of the most inhuman jobs there to be done by Haitians. Haitians business people take Haiti hard earned money and invest in the Dominican Republic. We also contribute to their wealth by paying for our children to go to school there. Most well to do Haitians often spend their weekend in the neighboring country, in search of friendly Dominican women who often do not know how to say no.

Is this fair?

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Marizette Petit says...

How stupid is Sarodj Bertin?

I read this week that so called model Sarodj Bertin came to the defense of the Dominicans.

She doesn't think that the Dominicans are racists.

I do understand her point.

Sarodj Bertin falls into the group of Haitians that are welcome in the Dominican Republic.

She doesn't identify herself with poor Haitians, therefor, she thinks that she can speak for all Haitians.

She is one of the typical Haitians we do not need in the

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Alfonce Leonce says...

Did you know that in the Dominican Republic, the term "undocumented immigrants" generally refers to Black residents of the country who were born to non-citizens after the year 1929. In brief, you can be 80, 90, 100 years old, born in the Dominican Republic and still faced deportation.

Immigrants are the most lucrative element for a country like the Dominican Republic.

The immigrant population makes their economy dynamic by buying their products eggs, chicken, spaghetti.

However this same group can be disposed of at any

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Gina Pierre says...

Just think for a moment.

Just imagine you are born in a country, went to school there, learn to adopt the flag of that particular country as yours.

All of a sudden, you are told that you don't belong to this country and that you have five days to collect your belonging as you are being deported to a country you have never been before.

In addition, you don't know anyone in that country you are going to be deported to and don't speak the language.

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Ricart says...

Dear editor,

Only 30% of countries in the world grant citizenship through unrestricted jus soli; the US law is, in fact, a rarity; most countries in the world do not, including Haiti (Haiti would not recognize as Haitian any child born in that country to illegal immigrants from DR).

The Dominican constitution stipulates that to be considered a Dominican citizen your parents must be Dominicans or LEGAL RESIDENTS; the Dominican Republic did not change its Constitution, it reasserted a law that was enacted in 1929; Therefore, the people being deported from DR are Haitians under the Dominican constitution; they are also Haitians under Haiti's constitution.

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Benoit Jacques says...

Now Haiti is beginning to face the real problem that has been predicted by so many after the Dominican Republic has decided to deport people with Haitian ancestries to Haiti.

A lady ho has no current link to Haiti suddenly find herself in Haiti with no one to help her. According to an interview she gave to us, she is now nine months pregnant.

her mother who raised her left Haiti over 30 years ago and had passed away. She, herself, has never been to Haiti until now. Now she has no country, no family, no legal papers to allow her to stay anywhere.

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Francois Net says...

The Haitian government is officially declared a minor in issues related to Haiti.

One classic example is their reaction in regard to the current crisis created by the Dominican Republic.

Just think for a moment, we elect a president who take no responsibility what so ever. As the Dominicans are deporting Haitians in mass, the Haitian government sent representatives to have their pictures taken at the border.

Prime Minister, Evans Paul and Victor Benoit have a contingency plan they are currently implementing.

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Raymonde Jeanbaptiste says...

The Haitians government needs to ask all Dominicans to leave the country at the same time Haitians are leave Dominican

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Dieudonne Pierre says...

There is a statement that goes like this: You don't know how good someone is to you until that person is no longer with you. This might be the case in the relationship between Haitians and Dominicans.

Being lazy by nature, I would like to know who will do the heavy duty work in the Dominican Republic such as agriculture, construction, now that they are getting ride of Haitian workers.

The same way we need them to help us survive.

They also need us Haitians to the jobs that they are not willing to do. Until we Have a responsible government in Haiti that dependence will continue to exist.

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Nicole Madure says...

As it was the case during the Trujillo reign, the politic of presenting poor Haitians, not the rich who are bring the dollars and the investment, as superstitious, backward, physically grotesque Africans never stopped in the Dominican republic.

What makes matter worst is that the world is now watching an ethnic cleansing by the Dominicans once again similar to the Parsley Massacre in the late 1930s.

At he time, Rafael Trujillo thought that the only way to resolve the problem in his country was to massacre some 20,000

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Martha Job says...

Let's call it for what it is. The Dominicans are removing Black people from their country.

If you are black and are living in the Dominican Republic you have much to much to worry about.

Whether or not you came from Haiti or not your ancestors came from Haiti a long time ago, you are not immune from this new wave of transportation.

even more importantly, if you are a Black person in the Dominican republic, whether you have nothing to do with Haiti, you still have a good chance of landing there.

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