Eske Jean Bertrand Aristide te kapab yon Nelson Mandela?

I feel that I have to settle this argument because I have been hearing too much of it. What is the argument: since the death of Nelson Mandela whom many considers to be one of the great leaders of the 20th century, many Haitians have been saying that the former Haitian president, Jean Bertrand Aristide was giving the chance to become such a great leader for Haiti; however, he blew his chance due to a lack of vision.


Fok bagay sa resoud. Anpil moun ap di ke Jean Bertrand Aristide te gin chans po li te vini yon Nelson Mandela, min paske li pa ouè pi lwen ke print nin li, li pedi chans sa pou la vi

Many people stated that right after Jean Claude Duvalier went into exile in France, the country was waiting for somebody to give direction. Rich or poor, Mulato or Black, even some in the Duvalier camp wanted to go with the new leadership of the country. Instead, Jean Bertrand Aristide was preaching violence, such as poor against rich, Black against mulato

Kek moun di ke li te kapab yon lidè tankou Nelson Mandela. Apre Jean Claude Duvalier ale pou peyi exil, anpil moun te vle mete têt yo ansanm pou yo te fè peyi-a avance, rich, tankou pov, moun klè tankou moun nwè, Anpil Duvalierists te vle ede change payi sa. Moun yo di elas, Titid kom yon moun ki rankinye, pate ouè bagay yo konsa ditou. Li te prefere ape chante misik: "Makout Pa Ladan-li" plito. Ginyin moun ki di, olye ke li te reconsilye rich ak pov, li te plito ap preche violance: " Roch Nan Soley ak Roch Nan Dlow"

Yon lot kote, anpil moun ki sipote Jean Bertrand Aristide di ke li te vle fè anpil bagay min yo pa te bali chans. Gin yon seri de fos Fè nwoa an Ayiti ki pap kite payi sa mache. Moun sa yo itilize Ayiti seleman pou yo fe lagan

Et ou minm, ki sa ou di?

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Shirley says...

This is an insult to compare this idiot to the great

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Josephine Napoleon-louiss says...

Aristide had the perfect opportunity to become a Nelson Mandela.

Te people trusted him and he had plenty of power behind him to succeed.

However, he failed miserably an I'm very disappointed with him. Aristide became arrogant, angry, and no sense of direction.

What a pity for him as well as for my country.

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Jean-baptiste Matkenson says...

I think it is true. jean-Bertrand Aristide has betrayed the people confidence.

He is a vindictive man. Everybody hoped he was a Moise.Nevertheless, He is a real devil that scattered division between all groups into the Haitian

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Clovis Camilien says...

He could be, but he had a totally different vue.I'm hopping that in a near furture we'll have a Nelson Mandela, it's a need for the country and its

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Dieuseul says...

Wi li te kapab si nou te genyen yon Deklerk an Haiti.

Deklerk was the army commander and controls the security; we didn't have that in Haiti because the army was working for the "fos nwa" and the international community.

So the coup d'état was always in the mind of everybody since there was a coup d'état even before he took the oats of

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