Nelson Mandela, very close and personal Interview

Here is an interview conducted by Ted Koppel with Nelson Mandela just minutes after his release from prison. Keep in mind that before this historic day, no one has seen him for over 27 years.


Yon bagay pou nou remake, se ke Koppel comanse interview a avek yon kestion ke li panse Nelson Mandela pa tap attan. Premye question pa ginyin anyin pou ouè avek sa tout moun tap attan. Li poze li yon kestion so box comm Nelso te yon gran boxer.

Watch the first interview Nelson gave to the press immediately after his release

Here is another interview that I also think is very important in attempting to understand who the man was. The video was realized by BBC News and it is with FW de Klerk. The South African president at the time who who released Nelson Mandela from prison

Nan intèview sa, Nelson Mandela montre FW de Klerk skill politik li. Espesyalman lè ke Intèview-a preske fini kote devan tout moun li loge min li ba prezidan FW de Klerk. Sa te klasik paske li vle di malgre tout sa nou te fè moin, jodia map loge lamin ba ou

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