FLASH - EU-EOM said CIEVE report was manipulated as no massive fraud found

Experts of the Electoral Observation Mission of the European Union stated that the so called massive irregularities and frauds alleged during the last election in Haiti did not materialize. The EU-EOM notes that the report by the the Commission of Verification (CIEVE) did not prove that serious fraud or irregularities took place or had an impact on the results. As a result, there was nothing in the report to trigger a change in the positioning of the main candidates. The Electoral Observation Mission of European Union concluded that the results of the Commission of Verification (CIEVE) has in fact been manipulated.


The EU-EOM found that the CIEVE during its evaluation granted itself the authority to change the provisions of the electoral legislation. It changed the criteria of the electoral decree to eliminate almost all PV and to add new criteria not included in the electoral law.

What do you think?

Haitian Creole:
Inyon Ewopeyen- EOM te di rapò CIEVE la te manipile kòm yo pa jwenn fwod masiv

Ekspè nan misyon Obsèvasyon Elektoral nan Inyon Ewopeyen deklare ke sa yo rele iregilarite masiv ak frod swadizan pandan eleksyon ki sot pase a an Ayiti pa t 'konkretize . Inyon Ewopeyen- EOM nòte ke rapò Komisyon Verifikasyon ( CIEVE ) pa t ' pwouve ke grav fwod oswa iregilarite te pran plas oswa te gen yon enpak sou rezilta yo. Rezilta a pa te gen anyen ki ta kapab deklanche yon chanjman nan plasman kandida prensipal yo. Obsèvasyon Misyon an Elektoral nan Inyon Ewopeyen an konkli ke rezilta Komisyon Verifikasyon ( CIEVE ) te an reyalite te manipile.

Inyon Ewopeyen- EOM la te jwenn ke CIEVE, pandan evalyasyon li akòde tèt li otorite pou chanje dispozisyon ki nan lejislasyon elektoral la. Li chanje kritè nan dekrè elektoral la, elimine prèske tout PV ak ajoute kritè nouvo ki pa enkli nan lwa elektoral la.

Kisa ou panse?

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Mathurin says...

Imperialiste yo

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Bwa Sanfey says...

Of course the EU-COM realized that they have been caught openly stealing the elections they have to find a justification to hide their shameful act. I 100% support the CIEVE.


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Rony Francois says...

I want an occupation for the country.

Just we won't have to deal with no Haitian president or parliament that only there to speak French and destabilizing the

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Subject: FLASH - EU-EOM said CIEVE report was manipulated as no massive fraud found edit

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