Kredi Woz Pou Fanm Lakay Micro-loan micro-finance program

Haitian prime minister has recently officially launched the Haitian "Kredi Woz Pou Fanm Lakay" program. This is a program that translates to Pink Credit for Local Women which is meant to provide small loans for women with small enterprises. His Excellency Mr. Laurent Salvador Lamothe, accompanied by the Minister for Women's Affairs and Women's Rights (MCFDF), Ms. Yanick Mézile traveled to Hinche in the central plateau where they officially opened the program.


Haiti has been a country that has undergone a great deal of hardships over the last couple of decades. These have mainly been problems revolving around the leadership of the country where some of the past leaders have taken their power for granted using it for their own personal gain rather than using it for the welfare of the country. This is not to mention the kind of tragedy the recent 2010 earthquake left in the country.

With all these problems a lot of assistance has been required and it is for this reason that many women in the country are rejoicing with this new program. It is meant to enable them easily access small loans that can enable them easily make their business dreams come true. They will be able to easily establish and advance any existing business and small scale enterprises which in turn should in the long terms promote the economy of the country.

Haiti is one of the promising countries with the potential of being a super power. However past leaders have taken this fact lowly and this has great led to the deterioration of the country`s wellbeing. It is thus a great and promising action set by the prime minister, one which promises a great future ahead.

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